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"Creativity" by Leslie Rohonczy is a jaw-dropping and colorful music video that will leave you with unanswered questions at the end. The rock star sings in front of the camera throughout the video. The entire video is a stop-motion collage of beautiful and intricate make-up done by Rohonzcy and Roxanne Parent. The background will also catch your eyes as it seems like an enormous canvas, or wall, maybe, splattered with amazing colors that perfectly contrast with the singer's face and make-up. Rohonczy's vocals are enchanting and echo-y as she sings, "Creativity, come and set me free / You inspire me with your mystery / Turning fantasies to reality". The lyrics have somewhat of a deeper meaning in regards to what one's creativity can reveal. For instance, aside from being a musician, Leslie Rohonczy is a make-up artist. With creativity, one can imagine the unimaginable and make it real through music, art, and more. Enjoy this rock music video, as we hope it inspires you to do wonderful things with your creativity.
Review date: Feb.2016. Click here to read review
- PPCorn.com (Feb.2016)

"Rock opera? Those are the words that formed in the vast emptiness between my ears as the neon lit Leslie Rohonczy fired up her pickup truck and towed her album "Down From The Ether" out of the mud of obscurity. You can't regard these songs as components of something as mundane as an ordinary rock album. There's too much theatrical seasoning sharing the soundstage with those muscular riffs for that and Ms. Rohonczy is so far from shy in her approach as to make a spotlight almost obligatory. I keep thinking of the arthouse excesses of Ann Magnuson as a sort of baseline but, as the acerbic "Reality" ably demonstrates, this is not the music of the land of canapes and champagne cocktails but that of the land of beer and burgers. Saturday night's alright for more than texting, it would seem. Despite having her feet firmly planted on blue collar ground, the sky seems to be no limit for Ms. Rohonczy with "Goodbye Moment" soaring straight over the horizon into big ballad territory with just enough devotional intent to counteract any excessive sentimentality whilst giving Scott Walsh the opportunity to build that bridge with his guitar. I can see this album becoming a stage show. I really can. I would even buy a ticket (although I would, of course, be on the guest list)."
Review date: July 10 2015. Click here to read review
- BluesBunny.com (July 2015)

"Leslie Rohonczy is a Canadian songwriter, vocalist and performance Coach. Along with her four-piece band of amazingly talented musicians, they create and perform a diverse and compelling catalog of original rock, country and funk music. Rohonczy's second album Down From the Ether was released in October 2014. Watch this cool visual for her single "Creativity"."
Review date: July 4 2015. Click here to read review
- Middle Tennessee Music (July 2015)

"Creativity by Leslie Rohonczy: Good things can come out of Canada and Leslie Rohonczy is one of them. Her song "Creativity" exorcises the ghost of pretentious eighties American rock and then stomps all over it in the name of ironic parody. Make it so!"
Review date: July 4 2015. Click here to read review
- BluesBunny.com (July 2015)

"It is refreshing to hear music that is not so easy to put in a box - Leslie has put together an album here with an eclectic mix of sounds cutting across rock, country, pop and even ethereal with influences from multiple decades. The lyrics cut across as thought-provoking and draw the listener in. So much better than the predictable mush heard on most tracks today. Leslie's voice is warm and inviting - easy to listen to, never harsh but at the same time evocative and expressive. The musicality is extravagant and unafraid to push the edges. Particular stand outs to me are Divavoom - so well sung and performed, it would be good to see that live - and Reality - has elements reminiscent of Traffic - a daring and creative track. And then Leslie pulls it all back to a song called Goodbye moment - anthemic and big. Overall this is a stand out album worthy of space on anyone's hard drive."
- Jeff Purchon, CEO & Founder, Gig-FX, Boston MA (Jan.2015)

"I love your new CD ('Down From the Ether' - 2014)... It's a pretty amazing album, and much like your first one, it's very diverse. The songs are diverse in their arrangements... It's very cool, every song. A fantastic CD. I'm still playing the first five tracks off your first CD ('Sister Seven' - 2012), and I get a good response too."
- tic, CKCU-FM 93.1, Ottawa Canada (Nov.2014)

"Leslie Rohonczy is a force to be reckoned with! 'Down From the Ether' is a rock and roll ride and Leslie's vocals are right up there with the best!"
- Sandy Sharkey, Boom-FM 99.7, Ottawa Canada (Nov.2014)

"Once you hear Leslie Rohonczy's new album, you will truly understand everything the words "talent, power and class" stand for. She possesses an unmistakable sound that will haunt your senses. Enjoy the ride."
- Dylan Black, Radio Professional (October, 2014)

"Leslie Rohonczy and her rock solid band took us all on a journey through some wonderfully refreshing original material this past Saturday night at Greenfield's. Well put together songs offered flavours of rock, pop, and blues, with a variety of catchy rhythms, tribal beats, great melodies, and exotic modes. The lyrics were thoughtfully written on topics of human nature, life situations, family and friends, self-empowerment, and the female mystique... all delivered with passion and soul that resonated throughout Leslie's pure and powerful voice. Fabulous keyboard work by Allan Wilmore, great bottom groove and rhythms by Steven Rae (bass) and Chris Houle (drums), and killer guitar/vocals by Scott Walsh, were tight and polished. All exuded a positive and lively vibe onstage, which was passed onto the audience. In short, The Leslie Rohonczy Band gave an admirable and entertaining performance, with music that offered an array of character and texture. I was captivated from start to finish!"
- Terry Steeves, Music Blogger (October 2014)

"Original Music in Ottawa is alive and well again!! I spent the entire night last night wondering "where have I heard this song before" as I watched Leslie Rohonczy turn in a gutsy yet magnificent vocal performance of her extremely catchy self penned tunes... I apparently need to own her CDs as I immediately connected with "Bitch Free Zone", "Sister Seven", "Don't Want to Go" and an incredibly boppy closing tune that I need the name to! (DivaVoom) Well done Leslie & band ... looking forward to the next gig, and BTW ... where can I buy those CDs?"
- Michael Crepin, Popular Ottawa Musician - Groove Junkies (October 2014)

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