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Here's what people are saying about THE RUNES Blues Band:

"You guys sounded great on Saturday (the best blues group in town without a doubt!)" -Jeff H.

"The tightness of the band belies the amount of time that the band has actually been together and gigging the circuit ... and that broad out front has a great set of pipes that were made for the blues ... and her voice is excellent as well. (HAH HAH HAH) All in all, an excellent performance by The Runes." -Neil N.

"Just wanted to say that your show on Saturday was excellent. I'm impressed. Your band is very good! I can't believe how good your bassist is - that is some rare talent. My wife and I had a great time. Hopefully we can catch the next one, too." -Ryan L.

"You guys were totally ON - was very shocked you put Stormy Monday close to the end of your first set though....but you nailed it as always. We both had a good, GOOD evening." -Duncan C.

"I just wanted to say that you and your band were great last night. Thanks again, and may I say you have a great voice!" -Denis L.

"You guys really sounded great.....The guys absolutely loved the guitar playing... keyboards are really sounding good as well. Keep rockin. I was real proud on Saturday to say to my fellow-band mates that...... Hey! I used to play with Bob!...one of the premier guitarists in Ottawa!" -Jeff H.

"It was clear to everyone that you were enjoying the hell out of every minute and every note. Audiences feel that, believe me. From my many years of blues concert going, I can say that if the band is having fun, the audience has fun. Simple equation really... The way The Runes played on Saturday is indicative of this attitude. Playing the hell out of it and having a grand ol-time doin it!" -Neil N.

"I enjoyed hearing your band on Friday. The band sounds great and your playing is awesome." -Ron F.

"We had a great time on Friday, can't wait to go again!" -Kaval P.

"Please keep me posted when you play... We really enjoyed the music, and want to hear more!!" -Marie & Gerry M.

"Great tunes the other night! I've seen some 2-guitar bands that just can't get a decent mix between the guitars. You two guys are really complimentary with each other in sound and style." -Mark A.

"The music was Fantastic... you had the dance floor rockin'!!!!" -Ann B.

"Great job last night, you & the band were really awesome." -Melanie S.

"It was really great to hear you at the Bass Line - you have a GREAT voice!" -Chris M.

"Thank you so much to you and the guys in the band for putting on such a great show. You've got an incredible voice, everyone has great chemistry on stage and it's easy to see that everyone is loaded with talent. Just watching all of you it's easy to see that you all love what you do... You guys have something special with that band." -aKanu F.

"We had a blast! ...Tight group, good singing." -Gary B.

"Great show last night... always a great time with the Runes. Only got to hear one of the originals, sounds great." -Anthony S.

"The Runes is a great rockin' blues band with a great lead singer and a lead guitarist that has absolutely flyin' fingers when he does Stormy Monday. They are great to dance to as well." -Fred G.

"I was wondering if you knew the artist for the song "Game On"? Maybe it has another name, but I believe it was their second song up. It was really catchy. I was typing the song name and some of the lyrics into Google, searching like a madman and couldn't come up with ANYTHING!! -Philip P.
(Note from the RUNES: Actually, "Game On" is a RUNES original - glad you liked it!)

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