Craig Harrison
CRAIG HARRISON - Bass & Vocals
Originally from Toronto, Craig began his musical training with eight years of classical trumpet. He moved to organ in 1965, playing in rock bands, then began playing bass in 1968 (and never looked back!). Throughout Craig's long and rich music career, in addition to several successful working bands (below), he is also sought after as a superb session musician.

The Clyde Valley Showband (1968-1972)
Gunner Asch (1972-1974)
The Shamrocks (1974-1976)
Transaction (1974-1976)
Atlantis / Cecile Frenette Show (1974-1976)
Eddie Staxx Review (1974-1976)
Lowdown (1978)
Jason Belmer (1978)
St. Louis Hotel house band, Thunder Bay (1979)
Lisa Price (1980)
Blue Cow (blues) (1991)
Bombast Blues (199_)
Kickin' Country (199_)
Inside Out (1998-2005)

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