Bobby Littlemore
ROBERT (BOBBY) LITTLEMORE - Lead Guitar & Vocals
A veteran of the Ottawa music scene, over the years Bobby has had the good fortune to have played with some of the area's finest musicians; from the early years as guitarist and one of the founding members of the eight-piece band "TREE" with drummer Kevan McKenzie and violinist Hugh Marsh, through the hard rocking guitar band "Turkey" with vocalist Jeb Million and drummer Jeff Harris.

After a six year hiatus, Bob was asked to join "Trigger" with guitarist George Orphanus of Teleman and Wrabbit fame. Next up was a stint in "Fine Print" with talented keyboardist Bill Lamont. From there Bob put together "Lexy Jones" with vocalist Meredith Johnston and drummer Gord Finley formerly of "Baton Rouge".

Over the years, Bob has shared the stage with some great acts including Meatloaf, Pursuit of Happiness, Barney Bentall and Blue Rodeo. Influences include Hendrix, Blackmore and Robben Ford to name a few.

Bob also performs locally with the Moondogs, and the B Band.
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